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  1. Why Choose A Whirlpool Bath?

    Why Choose A Whirlpool Bath?

    Whirlpool baths just sound exciting, never mind what it feels like to actually use one! They add a new level of luxury to bathing, and after a long and stressful day there is nothing quite as relaxing as slipping into a whirlpool bath and letting the warm water jets massage away your aches and strains. Most of us only ever experience whirlpool baths when we are staying at a posh hotel, or maybe relaxing on a spa day at a country retreat. But now you have the opportunity to install a whirlpool bath in your own home, and for a great price. Here at Bathshop321 we always give you the best prices on all our range of bathroom products – which include whirlpool baths which we can now offer you from as little as £289!


  2. 7 Best Bathroom Suites For Under £600!

    7 Best Bathroom Suites For Under £600!

    We know that redesigning your bathroom can be expensive, what with all the items you have to buy: baths, showers, basins, furniture units, toilets, taps, and that’s not to mention all the fittings that go with them! But here at Bathshop321 we try to make the whole process that little bit easier for you with our specially designed bathroom suite collections that feature all the items that you need to complete your new bathroom.

  3. 10 Last Minute Bathroom Gift Ideas For This Father’s Day

    10 Last Minute Bathroom Gift Ideas For This Father’s Day

    We all do it. With now only a few days to go until Father’s Day, most of us will now be running around in a panic trying to find a suitable gift for the special men in our lives. But fear not! Bathshop321 is on hand to offer some useful ideas so you can make sure that your dad gets the special gift that he deserves.

  4. Bathroom Innovations To Excite

    Bathroom Innovations To Excite

    Here at Bathshop321 we are always interested in the latest innovations in the bathroom sector, and this month our heads were turned by the arrival of the Sunshower to our warehouse.

  5. Modern Bathroom Ideas

    Modern Bathroom Ideas

    A modern bathroom is a real asset to any home. Slick, stylish contemporary designs are timeless and clean – ideal for day to day living yet versatile and inoffensive enough to be advantageous should you wish to sell up and move on at any point.


  6. Family bathroom ideas

    Family bathroom ideas

    Family bathrooms can be tricky – because whilst on the face of it, you’re designing for practicality and functionality, in reality everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to the style and look of the bathroom. In addition, ‘functionality’ is hard to define in a family situation – because across a wide range of age groups, each individual will have a different idea of what they want a bathroom to be and what they want to get out of it. 

  7. Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

    Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

    Made in UK, Nova Flo’s uniquely intelligent Shut-Off Unit has been innovatively designed to offer a sound solution and complete peace of mind to anyone wishing to prevent water wastage through taps left running and flood damage caused by baths and faucets overflowing.


  8. Tune in to what Dad really wants this Father’s Day

    Tune in to what Dad really wants this Father’s Day

    Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for – so when Father’s Day comes around, it’s easy to plump for the ‘beer and socks’ combo. But how about giving him a nifty gadget you know he’ll use and love (possibly several times a day?)


  9. A Closer Look: Reinforced Baths

    A Closer Look: Reinforced Baths

    At Bathshop321 we specialise in crafting baths to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from deep spacious bathtubs to space-efficient tubs ideal for smaller bathrooms.

  10. What is a Bidet?

    What is a Bidet?

    There are many deep and complex questions and mysteries that mankind has pondered for centuries: What is the meaning of life? Are we alone in the universe? What exactly is a bidet?


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