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Bathroom DIY

  1. Bathroom Renovation

    Our bathrooms are capable of providing us with much more than just a place to wash; they can act as an impressive home feature in which we can relax and unwind after a hard day. Many people know all too well just how appealing a relaxing bath or hot shower is after a long day at work or caring for energetic young ones, and having some time alone to de-stress can do your mind and body a world of good. As well as being practically beneficial, bathrooms are just as capable of being visually appealing and impressive, and if you are considering starting a bathroom renovation you’re on the right track to achieving this.


  2. Reviews of Underfloor Heating Systems

    We recently moved house and as part of our improvements we installed underfloor heating in our kitchen and conservatory areas.  We started with a plain concrete floor and had to cut the mats to the right sizes, we had to buy several mats and join them together which didn’t create any problems for the fitter and this is how the system is designed to work.  Once this was fitted the area was tiled as normal with large format gloss tiles.  My tiles are quite thick so I was surprised how well the heat radiates through – it takes a while to heat up but holds its heat very effectively.  It’s tempting when you seem to be spending left, right and centre to try and cut out areas of expenditure – I’d just advise – don’t


  3. Steel v Acrylic Baths – which should I choose?

    We hope that our guide has helped you to decide what type of bath will work best in your bathroom. For more bathroom-related advice, stay up to date with our blog.

  4. How To Choose Your Bathroom Flooring

    Linoleum floor covering is often dismissed as old-fashioned and yet it is a very green alternative in the bottom because it is made almost completely from natural ingredients and natural pigments. It has many advantages, is very easy to clean, it’s warmer than stone and ceramic tile. Modern linoleum floor covering is available in a fantastic range of colours and designs. It has come a long way from the outdated floor covering of the 50s and 60s. The only disadvantage is that it must be laid on a completely flat floor because it will tear, if there are any uneven bits.


  5. Renovating Your Bathroom

    There is some common sense aspects as well, make sure that the shower screen can open fully if it does not slide and try not to put the WC directly in front of the entrance door. Deep shelving can be problematical it is easier to store things in cupboards or in drawers. It is not necessary to have a towel rack on the wall it can be attached to the bathroom door or it can be freestanding if you need the wall space.


  6. Choosing The Correct Bath Tub

    A lot of people use their baths to relax in and if you’re going to read, or lay back and relax for a while then you need sufficient support for your head neck and upper back. A U-shaped pillow which can be bought in many airport shops is useful to support the neck. Soaking in a warm bath can relieve tension and prepare you for a good night’s sleep or it can soothe aching muscles. Some modern bathtubs are designed for soaking and relaxation rather than the old-fashioned bathtub which is designed to get the lower part of the body wet.


  7. Christmas and DIY

    Christmas – and DIY! Steer far away from the maddening crowds and get fitting your piece of sanctuary! so please check this out. Remember we always do our best to deliver your products as quickly as possible but remember some events (like snow and blocked roads) are out of our control!

  8. Electric or power, what is the difference in the shower?

    We have had a lot of enquiries recently regarding the difference between electric showers and power showers, so for anyone who is still a little unsure we would like to set the record straight. Electric Showers; Electric showers draw water straight from the mains cold feed and then heat it within the shower unit using an electric element. Electric showers are suitable for use in most properties as long as the incoming cold water pressure is OK.



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