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Bathroom DIY

  1. Small Bathroom Designs

    Small Bathroom Designs

    For many, a small bathroom poses a bit of a challenge. Some lateral thinking and intelligent design is required to make the most of a smaller space – especially if you want it to contain every essential bathroom component with enough room to breathe and move around in between them. At Bathshop321, we’ve got plenty of experience in helping our customers to make the most out of their spaces by providing them with clever gadgets and innovatively designed fixtures – so if you’re struggling for inspiration, why not take a look at our pick of small bathroom ideas below, easily transforming a tricky space to achieve bathroom bliss?


  2. Modern Bathroom Ideas

    Modern Bathroom Ideas

    A modern bathroom is a real asset to any home. Slick, stylish contemporary designs are timeless and clean – ideal for day to day living yet versatile and inoffensive enough to be advantageous should you wish to sell up and move on at any point.


  3. Family bathroom ideas

    Family bathroom ideas

    Family bathrooms can be tricky – because whilst on the face of it, you’re designing for practicality and functionality, in reality everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to the style and look of the bathroom. In addition, ‘functionality’ is hard to define in a family situation – because across a wide range of age groups, each individual will have a different idea of what they want a bathroom to be and what they want to get out of it. 

  4. Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

    Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

    Made in UK, Nova Flo’s uniquely intelligent Shut-Off Unit has been innovatively designed to offer a sound solution and complete peace of mind to anyone wishing to prevent water wastage through taps left running and flood damage caused by baths and faucets overflowing.


  5. How to Bleed a Radiator

    How to Bleed a Radiator

    To many people, bleeding a radiator may seem like a particularly daunting and tricky task; images of water spraying all over the room and thoroughly soaking the prospective DIYer are enough to put anyone off the idea of trying to undertake this task themselves!


  6. How to Plan and Build a Wetroom on a Budget

    Wet rooms are becoming one of the most desired features in UK households. They are perfect for any contemporary interior, yet people may think that they require skilled design and installation beyond that of a normal bathroom. The key to this is understanding your requirements and making the required alterations beforehand.


  7. The Fairy Bathmother’s 15 Minute Fixes – Safety First

    Shower mats are a fantastic way to ensure you don’t do the old ‘banana skin’ slip in the tub! They do definitely help you to retain some grip underfoot when in the bath or shower. Conditioners and hair removal products can be particularly slimy on the bottom of the tub and can make it like an ice rink. Whilst this may not be a cause for concern for figure skaters, us regular clumsy oafs can find it somewhat more problematic. Shower mats can blend in nicely when clear but you can get them in other colours too if you’d like a more bold option to match your accent colour. Make sure to run them through the washing machine regularly though as they can get surpisingly manky, which isn’t to the Fairy Bathmother’s tastes at all.


  8. How to pick a bathroom floor – guest post from Flooring Supplies

    Do you go for something traditional or contemporary? Do you choose a light or dark colour? What about the maintenance of it – have you thought about how easy it is to clean? It can certainly be a daunting process picking a bathroom floor if you don’t know where to start.


  9. Creating a Smarter Bathroom on a Budget

    It’s fair to say that most of us are now using metered water, so the math is simple; save water, save money. Around 2/3 of all the water we use in our households are being used in the bathroom, and around 25% of our heating bills providing that hot water, it’s well worth considering ways to reduce our water usage.


  10. Finding the Perfect Mix

    When thinking about installing or re-designing your personal shower system, there are many considerations to be had and choices to be made. Namely, which type of heated water system you have or want to install, which showering accessories you’d like it to include, which valve would compliment this choice, and where you want it TMV certified – and that’s even before you’ve started looking at designs. So let’s have a look at these choices first, and leave the design choice up to you.



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